About Jacob


It really does sTART WITH FOOD!

There's a story my mother still loves to tell about the time I hid that morning's cinnamon rolls under my bed at 3 years old so that I could eat more later. Three year old me knew what was up: if you wanted to indulge, you had to find a way to hide it. Behaviors like this only intensified into my adolescence and into my adulthood. Even as an adult, there were many, many times I'd go to Whole Foods and pick up a 12 (0r 18) pack of their fresh chocolate chip cookies and shovel them all in my mouth before I'd even left the parking lot. I didn't turn to food to fill a void or as a response to an emotional event; I turned to food because it was there, my body liked it, and it usually had a ton of sugar in it.

I found Whole30 in March 2013. Initially, it was to treat my asthma and allergies but it became so much more. As I went further along in the program, my sleep, for the first time in my life, was restorative. My energy knew no bounds and I was actually looking forward to working out! I did two rounds back to back and ended up losing about 35 lbs in that time. Internally, I thought I'd figured it all out and spent most of the next 18 months doing round after round of Whole30, but with round after round of binging between. I lost about 80 lbs overall and felt strong for the first time in my life. Something wasn't right though and it wasn't the program. It was my response to food still. I spent the next couple of years doing Whole30s periodically while listening to my body. Why did I feel the need to binge on cake just because it's there? Why couldn't I pass a Whole Foods without picking up their gluten and dairy free cupcakes? But wait, wouldn't those cupcakes be a better choice than the cookies??? I thought so until in 2016 I started putting the whole puzzle together rather than just the border.

I spent the majority of 2015 in a freefall; most of my life had changed due to a move, job change, dissolution of a relationship, and, honestly, just being alone for the first time in my life. I was 26 years old, in a city where I knew but one person, and all I had was time on my hands. I spent much of this time exploring old habits; ordering out instead of cooking, deciding to give into a craving without testing it first, etc. I spent 6 months like this before I realized I was back where I started except I was more aware because of the knowledge and skill I'd gained from Whole30. In February 2016, I did a Whole30 with the intent of just focusing on my sugar cravings. I cut out most fruit and even cut back on kombucha unless it was the Original flavor of GT's because it wasn't sweet at all. I read through my Whole30 journal that I kept during my first round and consciously meal prepped, ate, and meditated my way to what would become my food freedom.

Today I come to you as a recovered sugar addict; I still have those urges because I'm human but I have a tool belt of weapons at my disposal in the form of books, PDFs, and a community that is the epitome of accountability and camaraderie. 

I live in Atlanta, GA with my partner Carlos (and dog + two cats). I spend most of my free time in the kitchen, running, or just trying to find balance for it all. I'm so excited to start this journey here with you and I hope you'll reach out to connect with me. Let's find your food freedom!